About us

“We need to do something different.”

When the pandemic struck in 2020, husband and wife GlowBay owners Chris & Annabelle Bourne knew that for their many clients at Eterno Skin Clinic in Wolverhampton, professional skin care advice was still going to be really important. But how could it be delivered if they couldn’t see people?

“I said to Annabelle that we need to do something different. Is there a way of still being able to give great skincare advice to clients, and at least partly replacing what you do in clinic for them while they’re at home?”

After plenty of discussion and lots of trialling and testing, they developed a plan!

“We’re lucky to work with some fantastic skin care brands.” Says Annabelle. “I’ve worked with DermaQuest for years, but we had just added the Obagi Medical and Dr Levy brands to our offering, and I knew that between those ranges we could offer the basis of corrective home skin care.”

How Do We Achieve Skin Care Results?

“The main ingredients were there… we just needed a system!” Says Chris, whose role lies behind the scenes at both GlowBay and Eterno. “We knew that we needed something to complement the product lines… such as devices that could replicate some of our core clinic treatments… and we needed to be able to give people the confidence to use them effectively.”

“We started doing online consultations straight away” adds Annabelle “but just talking to people over Zoom wasn’t enough for us. We needed a structure that gave people maximum benefit and confidence, and we think that is what has made us different…”

The Best Home Skin Care Devices 

Chris and Annabelle had worked with Kris Trinity, Director of Aesthetics Marketing Institute, for a number of years. 

“Kris has been instrumental in helping our clinic grow and he was the first person we spoke to to discuss our plans about developing a digital skin care brand.” Says Chris. “We knew that he could help us develop a true online skin consultation process, that gave real benefits to people.” 

Chris was able to speak to other global contacts he had developed through obtaining treatment systems for the clinic, to identify home use devices that would enhance client results.

“My skin has been poked, prodded, scraped and rolled over the last few months to find the right devices!” Laughs Chris “But I really believe we’ve got a great system in place now to help people with their skin care concerns at home.”

“What started as a few online skin consultations grew really quickly, and GlowBay was born!” Says Annabelle. “With the help of some fantastic people, we’ve now got a great team!”

Experts in Acne, Pigmentation and Ageing Treatments

GlowBay specialise in acne care, pigmentation and ageing concerns and their unique online skin consultation service, which enables bespoke skin care advice to be given wherever you are, coupled with their easy-to-use website, could be just the answer to your skin care needs!

Why not book an online skin consultation today to start your journey to the skin you’ve always wanted.