Thoclor GF1 Aftercare (50ml)

Thoclor GF1 Aftercare (50ml)

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GF1 Aftercare is used after aesthetic skin treatments like micro-needling (Dermapen), laser, dermabrasion, acid-induced skin peels and waxing. It disinfects the skin before treatment and ensures organised collagen formation without infection, inflammation or swelling after the procedure, helping the skin to heal quickly post-treatment.


Spray GF1 onto your clean skin before any skin treatment begins. This will make sure any pathogens on the face are eliminated before the treatment.


  • Wash your face with liquid skin cleanser and gently pat dry with a clean towel.
  • Holding the bottle approximately 15cm from your face spritz GF1 onto the face, neck and around the eyes until the skin is moist. Any pathogens on the skin will be killed on contact – the treatment can now begin (skin does not have to dry).


Once your skin manipulation treatment is finished follow these guidelines to speed up the healing process, prevent infection and reduce inflammation:


  • Apply GF1 immediately after your treatment to a clean face (please wash any other lotions or product used during the treatment off first). A slight stinging or a feeling of tightness may occur for the first day of use.
  • Allow the skin to dry naturally (do not wipe off). We don’t recommend accelerating this drying with a hair-dryer or fan as the molecule is active when the skin is damp, so allowing this to evaporate naturally means you get the optimal contact with the skin and the active ingredient has time to be absorbed completely.
  • Continue to re-apply the spray to the face or the area treated once every 30 minutes for the rest of the day of the treatment.
  • If your skin is still red the day after the treatment keep applying GF1 once every hour to the affected area until the skin is no longer red.
  • At this point, your skin will have recovered and healed from the treatment.
  • You can now switch back to your regular routine of GF2 morning and evening.
  • Your GF1 should be used again before your next procedure or treatment in the same way.


Note: GF1 will not harm your eyes and is safe if you accidentally swallow some.


Suitable for all skin types.


Water, Sterile solution of Hyphochlorous Acid