In What Order Should I Apply My Skincare?

In What Order Should I Apply My Skincare?

Knowing how, when or what skincare to use can be very confusing as there are so many products to choose from! So once you have decided which products are best for you, it’s then knowing how to apply them and in what order. But don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Read this blog to find out more and there will be no more confusion.

Why Does Skincare Need To Be In The Correct Order?

Applying your skin care products in the proper order ensures that your skin receives the full benefits of each product.
Why, You Ask? Because there isn’t much point in having a skin care routine if your products don’t get a chance to penetrate your skin and really work is there!

The skin’s job is to keep things out, but many of the skin care products we use have ingredients we want to get in. Only a very small amount of these key ingredients can penetrate the skin, even when perfectly formulated and perfectly applied, so if you don’t apply products in the correct order, you will not see the best results from your skin care routine.

Selection of SkinCare Creams

What Is The Correct Order?

What IS the correct order?

An easy rule of thumb to follow is to apply your products in the order of the thinnest consistency to thickest consistency, or from liquid to cream. Doing this wrong and applying thicker products first will mean those thinner products simply won’t be able to penetrate.
For example, if you were to incorrectly layer a serum over your moisturiser, that serum would be rendered almost ineffective, same as if you were to layer your moisturiser over face oil, the moisturiser would be blocked from properly hydrating your skin, leading to skin barrier irritation and dryness over time. So as you can see, it’s important to get it right!

So, let’s look at the order…

In What Order Should I Apply Morning Skincare Products?

Both routines are super important and whilst they have very similar products they can also be quite different.


Morning Skincare Routine- Step By Step

  1. Cleanser- In the morning, start by splashing your face with lukewarm water and cleanse with a gentle face cleanser designed for your skin type. This will remove grime and residue that’s built up over night. Give DermaQuest Essential Daily Cleanser a try.
  2. Toner- Toners are designed to replenish skin through hydration and remove dead cells and dirt left behind after cleansing. Either tap it into the skin or use a cotton pad to gently sweep over the face. Try the Obagi Nu-Derm Toner.
  3. Serum- Serums are super-concentrated, nutrient-dense treatments that address specific concerns, so it’s better to keep them as close to the skin as possible. They penetrate deeper into the skin than moisturisers and have more active ingredients in them to work quicker. Try DermaQuest Essential B5 Hydrating Serum.
  4. Eye cream- The skin around your eyes tends to be thinner and more sensitive. It’s also prone to signs of ageing, including fine lines, puffiness, and darkness. A good eye cream can brighten, smooth, and firm up the area. We recommend trying the DermaQuest Peptide Eye Firming Serum.
  5. Moisturiser- Everyone needs a moisturiser, even if you have oily skin. Most experts recommend that the best time to apply a moisturiser is while the skin is still damp, so the sooner you go through applying your serum, the sooner you’re able to lock in much-needed hydration with your moisturiser. For all skin types we recommend DermaQuest Essential Moisturiser.
  6. SPF- Sunscreen is a critical final step in your morning skin care routine. Not only can it lower your risk of skin cancer, but it can also reduce signs of ageing by blocking damaging UV light. Try DermaQuest Sheer Zinc SPF30 to protect against UVA and UVB rays.


Evening Skincare Routine- Step By Step

  1. Cleanser- Same as the morning routine, cleanser will remove all the dirt, grime and oils that your skin has gathered throughout the day. Double cleansing will do this even more thoroughly however and your second cleanse can be more targeted to treating specific concerns. For acne skins try DermaQuest DermaClear Cleanser, for scarred skins try DermaQuest Glyco Gel Cleanser and for ageing skins give DermaQuest Peptide Glyco Cleanser a go. (Introducing acid products slowly however is a must!)
  2. Toner- If you use a toner, apply it as you would in the morning and the same one will do.
  3. Serum- All skin types can benefit from using a serum filled with hyaluronic acid, which pulls water from the air into your skin to keep it hydrated while you sleep but it’s also great to use something that aims to repair damage, whilst building on collagen and elastin. Applying a nightly application of the DermaQuest Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex will be a good start.
  4. Treatment- Ideally, spot treatments are best applied at night (whether they’re for zits, scars, or dark spots), because that’s when your body is working hardest to repair itself. Regardless of when you apply your spot treatment, make sure to tap it on before your moisturiser so it can really penetrate your skin and do its thing without having another barrier to penetrate. We recommend trying DermaQuest DermaClear Pads for an intensive decongestive effect.
  5. Eye cream- Eye creams tend to be lighter and thinner than face moisturisers, so make sure to apply them before you slather on your creams and oils (remember: light products go first and heaviest products go last). For an evening it can be good to apply a richer product so we recommend the DermaQuest Stem Cell 3D Eye Firming Serum.
  6. Moisturiser or face oil- Face oils are occlusive, meaning they seal in all the ingredients and moisture you just applied to your face to keep them from evaporating as quickly. On their own, oils actually don’t moisturise your skin that well, but when you layer them over products, they help increase your routine’s efficacy while also leaving skin soft and smooth. Just make sure to always, always apply your oils last as no product can penetrate oils. A great product for this is the Obagi Daily Hydro-drops.


Face Serum

So, we have established in what order we need to apply our skincare for both routines and why. Now all you have to do is put it into practice and see your skin become its healthiest best self.

For more information on products or to talk to a professional and get the right routines for you, book an online consultation with our GlowBay skin expert today!

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