Benefits of SPF

Benefits of SPF

What is an SPF? Should you be wearing SPF every day? Are there benefits to wearing SPF daily? Keep reading this article to find out!

What Is An SPF?

SPF (sun protection factor) also known as sunscreen, sunblock or suntan lotion is a photoprotective topical product for the skin that absorbs or reflects some of the sun's ultraviolet radiation and thus helps protect against sunburn and most importantly prevent skin cancer.

Benefits of SPF

Benefits Of SPF

There are many benefits to using SPF such as the following:

Shields From Harmful UV Rays

UV radiation is a form of electromagnetic energy. It can come from natural sources such as sunlight as well, as well as artificial sources, such as lasers, black lights and tanning beds. UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and play the greatest role in premature skin ageing. They are accountable for wrinkle formation and steadily destroy key substances in the skin that give it its firmness, like collagen and elastin. They are present all day long, 365 days a year – yep, even when it is cloudy and the sun isn’t out. UVB rays affect the skin’s top layer and are the primary cause of skin cancer, sunburns and discolouration. They harm the outermost layers of the skin and directly damage the DNA. UVC rays are the shortest of all UV rays, they never reach the earth because the ozone layer absorbs them.

Lowers Skin Cancer Risks

Sunscreen protects your skin and reduces your risk of developing skin cancer and skin pre-cancers. Applying SPF along with other sun protection steps- like wearing dark clothing, sunglasses and sun hats- reduces the harmful effects of sun exposure. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, applying SPF factor 15 reduces your chances of developing cancerous cells by 40% and Melanoma risk by 50%.

Protection Against Sunburn

Even a single sunburn can increase a person’s risk of skin cancer. This is because when the skin absorbs ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, it can damage the genetic material in skin cells. Thankfully, sunscreen defends the skin against UV rays by absorbing, reflecting or scattering sunlight.

Minimise Inflammation

Too much time in the sun will result in sunburn, severe skin reddening and inflammation of the skin. When the skin turns red from sun damage, the body directs more blood to the affected area to repair the damage.

Helps With The Early Onset Of Wrinkles

The most preventative formula for wrinkles and fine lines is sunscreen. Long exposure to UV rays will prematurely age the skin and result in the loss of collagen and elasticity.

Help Avoid Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is when the skin becomes discoloured and shows dark spots in an inconsistent way. This can be hereditary but is also caused by sun exposure. The good news is that there is a simple way to avoid dark spots and that’s by wearing SPF every day whatever the weather.

Enhances Skin Health

Wearing SPF will enhance skin health all around, protect it and nourish it.

When To Wear SPF

Many people are under the illusion that SPF is just for the hot, sunny days or holidays etc however SPF should be worn 365 days a year whatever the weather. It’s also equally important to west SPF even when not venturing outside and you’re staying indoors. Any little bit of sun exposure coming through a window or even the UV rays from your phone or laptop will add further sun damage.

How To Apply SPF

Once the face is cleansed, the serum is applied, followed by moisturiser, Then SPF goes on last so it can be the outer layer of protection against the sun. Use the amount of a 20p piece and gently cover the entire face and neck.

Choose An SPF

There are many SPFs to choose from here at GlowBay:

DermaQuest SheerZinc SPF is good for most skins and it’s really lightweight (available in tinted and non-tinted)

DermaQuest SunArmour SPF50 is better for ageing skins.

Obagi SunShield Matte SPF50 is good for those who want a slightly thicker SPF.

DermaQuest Products

So, to sum up, SPF is probably the most important product of all skincare routines and should be applied 365 days a year to ensure protection from harmful UV rays and keep your skin healthy.

To speak to a skincare expert on this topic or any other skin concerns, you can book an online skin consultation on GlowBay. Find the right products for your skin.

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